Wakestock Festival 2011

Yeah I made it home, just. Had a rather great weekend up in Wales for Wakestock Festival, saw some killer bands, and had some megalolz!
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Wakestock Festival 2011 Preview

This weekend, I’m getting on a train and heading to North Wales for a wakeboarding festival, Wakestock to give it a name. Now I’m not a fan of water sports (ask my ex. Ho!!!!), but I am a fan of festivals.

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Gigs This Week | 18th – 24th April

These are all the gigs you need to see in London this week. Lots of new bands to check out, so go about your task.

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Wretch 32 – Unorthodox feat. Example

I had Wretch’s debut track on here a while ago and I was interested to see how he’d fair….

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More Stuff I Founded On Soundcloud Pt. 8

Spent all day today just doing nowt except pottering around Soundcloud listening to stuff, and watching daytime telly….

One of those 2 pursuits proved trivial. I’ll let you decide which one.

Kanye West – Good Friday

Starts off a bit world musicy but give it a chance, it slowly morphs in a Wham tribute. This one’s for Big George, we’re still thinkin’ about ya!

Kurran & The Wolfnotes – Your Four Limbs

I’ve been rinsing this off the new Weezer album. Looking at my playcount, for every time I’ve listened to the album, I’ve listened to Hang On 4 times.

South Central – Demons

Found this while I was looking for something else, it’s a Webb Brothers cover, and a really really beautiful track. Wendy Roby found it.

Tall Ships – Chemistry

This Grinderman record is a dirty beast of an album. Particular good if you are going on a long run.

Afrojack Ft Eva Simons – Take Over Control (Adam F Remix)

Little preview of something coming out soon. I know nothing about it, but it sounds pretty cool.

Antonio Paul – City Dreams

I’m not sure if I like this or not, I dunno I’m always a sucker for a big pop single. Sounds a bit like a Bond theme, if I’m being honest.

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