Gigs This Week | 11th – 18th July

A day late this week, sorry but it’s been a bit mentile. Anyway as I’m typing this, the best gig is actually happening! Lots of iTunes gigs and shows at Somerset House, if you’re going, you’re very lucky and I’m very jealous.

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Stuff I Founded On Soundcloud Pt. 19

Some nice Soundcloudy things that have dropped into my inbox in the last few days that I can’t be arse’d written more than 40 words for.

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Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed

Christ, the blogosphere hasn’t half gone moist for this track, and this could well be all I listen to this summer. I mean, fuckin’ hell if it is, would that really be all that bad?

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Bon Accord – Empty Club

This guy just sent me this track on Soundcloud….oh if anyones trying to get in touch with me, ping me on Soundcloud, or Twitter, so I still can’t figure out how to fix the contact plug-in….or come round my house and show me….

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Summer Camp – Veronica Sawyer

I’ve been wanting to write summat about Summer Camp for ages, but like most things I simply had better things to do….

Anyway as I said it’s been a while in gestation, and while I was intrigued by the concept, I must admit I hadn’t really given them much of a listen. I have now, and I’m very much amored (is that a word?).

So the Young EP is the fruits of Indie power couple (if that’s not a contradiction) Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey, it’s a stripped down sparse yet warm and rich collection of odes to the 1980’s films of John Hughes. It kind of reminds me of The XX, but I think that’s just because I’ve been listening to that record all day, and a little bit like Washed Out, so yeah for fans of those.

Enamoured!! That’s what I meant.

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Gigs This Week | 31st – 6th June

The pick of the gigs this week in London….

The Charlatans The Roundhouse
Beach House Heaven
Small Black w/ Washed Out Cargo
The Villagers Bush Hall
Slow Club KOKO
Frankie & The Heartstrings 100 Club
Future Of The Left Lexington
Gallows The Coronet

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Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

Do I like Two Door Cinema Club? It’s funny, my mate sent them to me ages ago, and I dismissed them out of hand, yet lately I’ve heard their tune on the radio, done a little Shazam magic and then been surprised at the result.

So yeah it would then appear that I do like Two Door Cinema Club. For now anyway. With regards this tune, I haven’t bothered looking for the original, so I’m just basing this whole piece on what is coming out of my speakers at THIS MOMENT.
I can see why they’ve been signed, what with the success Friendly Fires have had in the last year, Friendly Fires who were one of my festival highlights last year, I should point out. Could 2DCC do the same? On the strength of this, and the few other little titbits I’ve heard, I’d say it’s highly likely. Oh and they are from N’orn I’ron, so I already have a bit of an affinity to them.
The lucky bastards.

This track features on the rather splendid Kitsuné Maison 9 – The Petit Bateau edition compilation which features Washed Out (who rock), Hurts (also rock), Monarchy (rock more) and Silver Columns (rock less so). It’s an aural delight.

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

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