Jamie T & Skream – Jason & The Argonauts

For some reason Jamie T has been on my mind lately. I went for a run the other day, and both his albums soundtracked that run….

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Little Comets – Joanna

When I was a kid, for some reason whenever I heard the term B-side, I always thought it was a different version of the original. I’ve no idea what I based this assumption on, call it the folly of youth, but it was a while before I twigged.

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….And Everyone’s A DJ’s Top 10 Albums Of 2009

Well it’s been a long time coming, I know, I know, but fret no longer, as I present to you ….And Everyone’s A DJ’s Top Albums Of 2009….read more.

If you knew just how much thought I put into this, well it took me at least a full lunch break. Some albums didn’t make it because I hadn’t bought them, and well that only seems fair, so sorry The Horrors, maybe if you’d gotten yourself in a little 2 for £10 offer in HMV, you’d find yourself in here. Same goes too for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Some albums you may have seen in a few lists, and you’re wondering to yourself why are they not here? Well that’s because no matter how many times I’m told, The Big Pink’s album is great, I’ll still think you’re a liar, it’s that Domino’s track, makes me want to buy stuff, me no likey. Or there’s some albums you may think are conspicuous by their absence, well Grizzly Bears record was in there, until I went back to it last week, and decided I just didn’t like it as much as I thought. And couple of records aren’t there because there was only 10 spaces, so honorable mentions go to Fuck Buttons, Doves & Japandroids.
And finally there’s some albums here, and you might think they are shite, well I think they’re all great, and in this exact order of greatness, so ye can all fuck off, and write your own list.
I’m joking, I love you all.
So without any further ado, in reverse order…..

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10) Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3 (Roc-A-Fella)
The final part in the trilogy, Jigga man showed that he still had it. While his popularity in the UK was at an all-time high, there was a danger that his latest effort would fall into the Kanye West school of giant meh. Thankfully, it didn’t.
Thank You
9) Hudson Mohawke – Butter (Warp)
This album sort of crept up on me, I heard about it a podcast, and thought I’d check it out, next thing you know, I’ve listened to it 20 times in a week! In the year Warp Records celebrated 20 years in the biz, Hudson Mohawke proves that they’re only just starting out.
8) Major Lazer – Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do (Downtown)
It only fuckin’ soundtracked my summer, what more do you want?
Pon De Floor
7) Jamie T – Kings & Queens (EMI)
It could have been shit, I had a bad feeling it would be shit, turned out it wasn’t just as good as Panic Prevention, it surpassed it. Sticks N Stones was a great teaser, Emily’s Heart was the real standout.
Castro Dies
6) Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career (4AD)
Probably slightly higher than many people would assume, but this record sort of found me in a good mood and kept me there. Picking a favourite of this record, well it changes from day to day. In fact today it’s Swans, but then yesterday it was…..
French Navy
5) Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More (Universal)
This album has been making a bit of a comeback for me, as the cold London evenings set in. Sounding rustic, and organic, a beautiful album that….well to suggest it re-introduced me to folk is a disservice, more that it reminded me. Hang on, does that even make sense?
Little Lion Man
4) Blakroc – Blakroc (V2)
Probably the best, well clearly the best hip-hop album I heard all year. I know people have been talking a lot about Raekwon’s album, but this was a bit more up my street.  Could have had a shout for Number 1 if it hadn’t come out just 3 weeks ago.
3) Wild Beasts – Two Dancers (Domino)
They’ve got 1 singer!! Get your head around that, just one singer. Hayden Thorpe is some kind of god, singing songs about sex, love and…..it wouldn’t matter, it could be his shopping list, and I’d still buzz off it.
Update: So apparently there is 2 singers in Wild Beasts. I was lied to, I should really have checked them out live. This may change things….actually it doesn’t, still a great record. Crablin to the rescue, not for the first time.
We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues
2) The XX – XX (XL)
For about 3 months of the year, this was my fav. When it came out is was the perfect combination of stripped down solitude, but at the same time it was intimate and warm. Listening to this album is a pleasure, but sadly not pleasure enough….

And my album of the year is……
1) Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (Domino)
What an album, I mean I’m sorry if it’s a bit obvious, but well fuckin’ hell listening to this is a sheer joy. Every listen offers something new, a fresh layer to be explored and enjoyed. At moments listening to it, you kind of wonder how someone would go about creating something like this, and then you realise that it’s not everyone who can make a record this good. S’why they are so special.
Brother Sport

If you’re feeling particularly lazy I’ve bundled all the tracks together here. Call it a Christmas present, from your favourite music blog in the whole wide world.

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Plan B – Stay Too Long

I’m not even joking, when I first heard this track I had to check 2 different sources to make sure I was actually listening to the same Plan B….read more.

I mean, if you listened to anything off Who Needs Action When You’ve Got Words, or anythin off the mixtape Paint It Blacker, you’d know that the former Ben Drew had a darker side, but this is a complete headfuck. I mean while the raps are angry as hell, the chorus, is positively breezy.

It calls to mind Lenny Kravitz, but in a good way, Jamie T, but more polished, and in the bars, Zach De La Rocha. It’s bluesy rock, with gospel choirs…..fuckin’ hell I’m going to be listening to this a lot.

New Paul Epworth produced album out in the new year and apparently he’s in a film with Michael Caine…..hang on, this can’t be right.  

Plan B – Stay Too Long

Jamie T – Sticks & Stones

If I’m being honest, I’d forgotten just how good Jamie T’s debut Panic Prevention was. Made in his bedroom, in my opinion it encapsulated the where DIY records are in the digital era. Promoting himself on Myspace, recording the whole thing in his shed, it was a beautiful record that had quality and variation throughout.
And so he’s back with Sticks & Stones, and it’s still fabulous. Lyrically, it’s pure innocence, recounting tales of cheap cider, skanky slags, and teenage bravado, while musically, its steams along, not dissimilarly to the closing bars to If You Got The Money. While it may not be a massive departure from the first album, when the tune is this good, I really don’t care.
Be good to get your thoughts on it below, sorry about the Zane Lowe bit at the end, well what can you do?

Jamie T – Sticks & Stones