Gigs This Week | 11th – 18th July

A day late this week, sorry but it’s been a bit mentile. Anyway as I’m typing this, the best gig is actually happening! Lots of iTunes gigs and shows at Somerset House, if you’re going, you’re very lucky and I’m very jealous.

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Gigs This Week | 6th – 12th June

This are the best gigs in London this week. Bit quiet to be honest, festival season is now upon us.

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Gigs This Week | 31st January – 6th February

Pick of the gigs in London town this week.

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AEaDJ Bands For 2011: Gaggle

In the first of a series of features I’m going to be running over the next month, I’ll be profiling a few bands, every Thursday Saturday or Sunday in January, that I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the New Year. I should point out that this is NOT a Tips For 2011 feature. Just so we’re clear. First up, it’s Gaggle….

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Gigs This Week | 29th November – 5th December

The pick of the gigs this week in London.

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Gigs This Week | 1st – 7th November

The pick of the gigs this week in London. It starts off real busy, but then get’s very dead, very quickly. Oh if anyone happens to have a spare ticket to the Black Keys, I would love to go.

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Catching up on the last week….

Yeah for whatever reason I haven’t really written very much the last week, just wasn’t that arse’d to be honest, but I’ve made up for it today, I suppose….

….but yeah quite a bit has gone down in that few weeks so I thought I’d chuck up a few opinions. Like anyone cares?

  • Reading Festival happened. Missed the car-crash abortion of GnR, but some of the highlights for me were Weezer, Gaggle, Funeral Party, Arcade Fire, Biffy, Phoenix, Kele, Magnetic Man, Harlem and Tame Impala.
  • Awards for disappointments go to The Libs, Warpaint, Egyptian Hip-Hop, Free Energy, Surfer Blood and to a certain extend Dizzee.
  • New Weezer album leaked, it’s rather good, but not as good as they were at Reading.
  • The XX won the Mercury Prize. Fuck science, but I told you so.
  • New Everything Everything album is a classic.
  • The NME brought out it’s yearly Oasis cover? I mean fuckin’ hell, the dead horse flogging is astounding, just when I was beginning to enjoy it again.
  • Kanye West made Twitter a much more entertaining place to be, while @english50cent is also a massive lol.
Yeah think that’s about it.

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