Ganglians – Sleep

If you’d asked me yesterday had I previously featured¬†Ganglians on these very pages, I’d have said “yeah, of course I have.” Turns out I haven’t. I’ve failed at blogging. But then again, that’s not really news.

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….andeveryonesadj Best Of The Rest of 2011

So I thought I’d do things a little bit differently this year. I’ve been up and down, trying to figure out what were the best 10 records of the year so far, I had 20, which doesn’t really work, so the following at the 20th to 11th best records I’ve heard this year. I’ve done them in alphabetical order, otherwise I’d be here all night.

If you’d like to hear my Top 10, I’m going to post a podcast tomorrow, with a full rundown. Mull-tea-mee-jah!

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Gigs This Week | 30th May – 5th June

Here’s all the gigs on in London, this week that I think are worth getting out of bed for. Danan on Wednesday, I shall be very much present. Come say hi!

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Gigs This Week | 23rd – 29th May

Weird week for gigs, doesn’t seem to be a great deal going on. Maybe I’ve missed something…..

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Gigs This Week | 21st – 27th February

Oh my, if I thought last week was busy. Since last week was the first time I mentioned what I’ll be doing this week, and it all worked out pretty swishly, maybe it’ll work again this week….

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GUARDS – Swimming After Dark

Sounding not a million miles away from Parlovr….you know the band I was on about, not 2 hours ago! I’ve seen a few mentions of them with an eye on 2011….

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