Gigs This Week | 11th – 18th July

A day late this week, sorry but it’s been a bit mentile. Anyway as I’m typing this, the best gig is actually happening! Lots of iTunes gigs and shows at Somerset House, if you’re going, you’re very lucky and I’m very jealous.

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Big Deal – Homework

Ever since the White Stripes decided to call it a day, I dunno but I’ve felt a certain emptiness in my world….

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Gigs This Week | 11th – 17th October

The pick of the gigs this week in London.

Big Deal Old Blue Last
Example KOKO
Detroit Social Club Dingwalls
The Lines Camp
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly Electric Ballroom
No Age & Male Bonding XOYO
Paul Smith Rough Trade East
Is Tropical The MacBeth
Tribes The Flowerpot
Crystal Castles The Roundhouse
Talib Kweli The Roundhouse
Brandon Flowers The Forum

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Big Deal – Locked Up

We’re kind of a Big Deal. There thats the obvious pun out if the way that will no doubt appear everytime this band is talked about.

As for the music? Well that is another question. I simply can’t make up my mind whether I like it or not. I’ve listened to this track about 10 times, and every time my opinion goes from “soft, doe-eyed, lo-fi, electric love story fabulousness” to “fuckin’ hell this is so basic, how the hell have I not thought of that?”. And I suppose it’s the second opinion that validates why it’s caught my attention. It is so stripped down, and bare that it appears to be a bit throw away, but theres a certain skill to being able to pull that off, and Big Deal seem to possess it. Which takes me back to my first opinion.

Big Deal are a boy-girl 2 piece, as you may have gathered from the above picture. I have no idea where they come from, or when they’re birthdays are, but I can only assume it’s somewhere on Earth, and sometime during the year. They have an single out on the 8th of November, I do hope it’s slightly easier on my opinions than this one, as my brain is hurting. Anyway it’s Friday, let’s go out and have sex with a prostitute. And then kill her.

Actually don’t. Unless you were going to anyway.
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