Gigs This Week | 11th – 18th July

A day late this week, sorry but it’s been a bit mentile. Anyway as I’m typing this, the best gig is actually happening! Lots of iTunes gigs and shows at Somerset House, if you’re going, you’re very lucky and I’m very jealous.

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Gigs This Week | 4th – 10th July

Loads of shows this week and of course, I’m away for most of them! I fink I’m up at Wakestock Festvial next weekend, fingers crossed, it should be fun, but it looks like I am missing some great gigs.

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Ed Banger Records @ Lovebox July 15th

I’ve been looking at the next few weeks coming up, well it is the Summer, I mean that’s what you do, you spend all winter waiting for the Summer and by the time it comes around, you don’t really know what you are doing!

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Gigs This Week | 27th June – 3rd July

Forgot to do this last night, but looking around, unless you’re one of the lucky few to be going to see Beyonce tonight, there’s not much else on tonight. I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so I’m gonna be missing all of these shows. This annoys me. Stoopid holiday!

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Gigs This Week | June 20th – 26th

Gigs this week in London. It’ll probably get a bit flat towards the end of the week. Think there’s some festival on, or summat. I’m at Tame Impala on Wednesday, really looking forward to seeing them again, but of a step up from the last time I saw them at Heaven. With international rock stars either side of me. #goodtimes

I may even break my “never go to a gig where the venue is wide than it is deep” rule and go to see YAAKS at Proud.

It’s either that or go see the fuckin’ Kings Of Leon film. #notinterested
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Free Swim – I Want To Be A Mountaineer

Free Swim aren’t old men who enjoy winding down their twlight years in Speedos around the local bath houses. But they didn’t have a band shot, so I just google’d Free Swim and that’s what came up. Honest.
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Gigs This Week | 13th – 19th June

Lots of shows on this week, but nothing really blowing me away, with the exception of The Horrors and Ryan Adams. I fear it may be like this for some time.

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