Wakestock Festival 2011

Yeah I made it home, just. Had a rather great weekend up in Wales for Wakestock Festival, saw some killer bands, and had some megalolz!
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Wakestock Festival 2011 Preview

This weekend, I’m getting on a train and heading to North Wales for a wakeboarding festival, Wakestock to give it a name. Now I’m not a fan of water sports (ask my ex. Ho!!!!), but I am a fan of festivals.

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Gigs This Week | 4th – 10th July

Loads of shows this week and of course, I’m away for most of them! I fink I’m up at Wakestock Festvial next weekend, fingers crossed, it should be fun, but it looks like I am missing some great gigs.

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Ed Banger Records @ Lovebox July 15th

I’ve been looking at the next few weeks coming up, well it is the Summer, I mean that’s what you do, you spend all winter waiting for the Summer and by the time it comes around, you don’t really know what you are doing!

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Gigs This Week | 27th June – 3rd July

Forgot to do this last night, but looking around, unless you’re one of the lucky few to be going to see Beyonce tonight, there’s not much else on tonight. I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so I’m gonna be missing all of these shows. This annoys me. Stoopid holiday!

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Reading & Leeds August ’09

I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself.

Check out NME.com today at 7pm for a full breakdown regarding ticket registeration, selection lottery as well as details of support lines for those unfortunate enough to not secure a ticket.