Gigs This Week | 11th – 18th July

A day late this week, sorry but it’s been a bit mentile. Anyway as I’m typing this, the best gig is actually happening! Lots of iTunes gigs and shows at Somerset House, if you’re going, you’re very lucky and I’m very jealous.

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Wakestock Festival 2011

Yeah I made it home, just. Had a rather great weekend up in Wales for Wakestock Festival, saw some killer bands, and had some megalolz!
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Random Impulse – Still They Sing

Yeah, I’m as surprised as you to see this post. Turns out the flight I was meant to get yesterday, left the day before, so I only got back to London this afternoon. Off to Wales in t’morning.

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Ganglians – Sleep

If you’d asked me yesterday had I previously featured¬†Ganglians on these very pages, I’d have said “yeah, of course I have.” Turns out I haven’t. I’ve failed at blogging. But then again, that’s not really news.

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Battlekat – He Didn’t Want A Lovesong (Hyetal Remix)

Battlekat used go by the name of Just A Number 05272011. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a little bit disappointed at the name change. However, we’re about the music here, so lets carry on.

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Eagulls – Acrostical

I’ve had these guys on here before, and I really liked their track Council Flat Blues, and if my search terms are correct, then a lot of you liked it too. Read the rest of this entry »

Jamie T & Skream – Jason & The Argonauts

For some reason Jamie T has been on my mind lately. I went for a run the other day, and both his albums soundtracked that run….

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