…And Everyone’s A DJ is a music blog. I’m based in London and as you can see focus mostly on new music from a variety of genres, hip-hop, dance, indie guitar, rock, pop….have a look at the labels, you’ll get an idea of what I’m about.

I do reviews, mp3 downloads, video features, opinion pieces and any old crap I find music related and on the net.If you’re a PR get in touch via the contact page, if you’re a band send me a track via SoundCloud, I’m always interested in getting new stuff, or approached about new ideas. Interviews, reviews whatever.


I’m not above selling this site to the highest bidder. If you’re interested in advertising something in either of the ad bars, get in touch, and you can negotiate me down from an unrealistic figure to a realistic one, in about 4 mins. All audio content is provided strictly for evaluation purposes and to promote the artist.

If you like what you hear, please support the artist(s) by buying their merch and going to their shows. If you’re a copyright owner and would like any content deleted, please contact me. I post tracks up mostly on Soundcloud. I rarely make them downloadable. I suggest you go out and buy them if you like them so much. Or maybe get the Soundcloud iPhone app, that’s a good one.

Please excuse all the mis-spellings and bad grammar. They’re put there deliberately, set up as coded message to the undercover operatives of my private army. We are coming for you, our methods are deadly, and numbers great. Much like our hair and trainers.

Hummel from Alcatraz, OUT!!