Wakestock Festival 2011

Yeah I made it home, just. Had a rather great weekend up in Wales for Wakestock Festival, saw some killer bands, and had some megalolz!
I’ll get the important bit out of the way, I was attending on Cadbury’s dollar, as I mentioned before. They are launching a TV show next year, in the lead up to the Olympics, called A Minute To Win It. If you see it at a festival this summer, have a spin at it, at least just for the free chocolate.

They had an area at Wakestock which featured a weird mix of almost office based games that looked easy, but were actually quite hard. Here’s a pic of me trying to throw a ping pong into a goldfish bowl. There’s a pic of  The House Of Coxhead’s very own Thomas Coxhead, beating me pretty soundly at some kind of catapult game. Radio 1’s resident Welsh person Mr. Huw Stephens was on site on Friday to launch it. I would have interviewed him if I was there, as he is a very nice man. Alas, I didn’t. Which is a shame.

So yeah, that took about 15 minutes to do, so the rest of the weekend was just spent on the lash, talking to questionable girls, eating questionable Welsh food and drinking very questionable beer. I mean, it’s a pretty mean spirited festival if the only beer on sale is Coors Light!


  • Bumping into my mate in the middle of a weird ring of death mosh pit.
  • Backstage catering.
  • The girl who wasn’t wearing a bra.
  • Seeing a guy standing on a bin, like a knobber, and kicking the bin from under him.
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Wretch 32
  • Merkage
  • Random Impulse
  • Biffy
  • Example
  • The lift home
  • The hotel (or more specificially, the people staying in our hotel).
  • Losing my big gay pink watch.
  • Welsh taxi drivers
  • Hangovers
  • Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
  • Breaking my sunglasses. AGAIN!!
So thanks a lot to Cadbury’s, your chocolate is delicious, your hospitality welcome. Oh and cheers to Example for the lift back to London. Hench tourbus vibes! I did a few interviews, haven’t listened to them yet, so not sure just how good they’ll be, but there is a strong possibility that they will feature on this weeks podcast. You can’t wait, can you?

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