Best Coast – Gone Again

I can recall a time last summer, when Best Coast as ALL that I listened to. But then I think familiarity bred contempt, and I kinda went off her….

It may have had something to do with a rubbish live show, and a personal trauma, however never let it be said that I am not one to forgive and forget, so this track made itself available over night, and I must say it’s re-awoken those feelings I had all that time ago. The good feelings, that is!

This track is all part of the Adult Swim Singles Program, which will feature amongst others Active Child, Tallest Man On Earth and Mastadon, it all looks rather tasty indeed.

As for Best Coast? I’m now going to go stick on Crazy For You and then lie on my bedroom floor letting out cathartic wails, a la Hugh Grant in About A Boy.

Yup, a Hugh Grant reference.


2 Comments on “Best Coast – Gone Again”

  1. Mark says:

    I had always kind of viewed my liking of the Best Coast album as a guilty pleasure. Nice to see someone enjoyed it too! ;-)

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