Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way

I saw these guys live last week and they blew my mind, much the same way as this record did something very similar a couple of weeks beforehand, and continues to do so ever since. Yes, THIS was the one that made me stop listening to the Foo Fighters!!….

There Is A Way is the sophomore…..it’s always sophomore, isn’t it? It’s never ‘they’re trimore effort!’…..anyway, it’s they’re second record, their first on their own label, Pizza College, the first all male one, and also it’s their first one produced by Ross Robinson. Now I’d heard about this hook up about a year ago, and I didn’t really know what to expect, seeing as Robinson was also working on the Klaxons record, I had my suspicions that he may have lost his early 20th century golden touch. I was mistaken.

This record is a power-punk-pop beast, layered with subtleties, humour, funk, passion, menace and melody. It sounds like it’s recording was a pure joy, and from what I’ve heard, a studio that backs, quite literally ONTO Venice Beach, can’t have been half bad for 6 lads from Scotland. Even the little bits of outtakes that occasionally pepper the record, seem to be deliberately left in to alert the listener that “….hey, we had a fuckin’ lolfest making this record, what did you do?” Much like the only time you tell people you’ve just had sex on Twitter, is as soon as you get the flick! You want people to know, and you want certain people in particular to know…..sorry am I straying from my point? Most likely.

From the Los Campesinos!-esque opener, through to (the previously featured on this very blog) E Numbers, by the way of the so-funky-yet-still-a-bit-Korn-y Think & Feel, and onto lead single proper Muscle Memory, Side A of this album is pure gold. Each song teasing and twisting in ways that aren’t so much a surprise, just a really pleasant thing to subject your ears to. While lyrically, well….I’m never gonna get all the references, or even make any sense of it, but fuck it, I don’t think that’s the point. The lyrics only support the songs, and it’s the delivery between both singers, Callum and John, the dynamic that they create, that gives the record such vibrancy. The trick they pull, of  being both able to do very good impressions of each other, whilst still having enough originality and personality in their voices, means that it never becomes a chore to listen to them.

The record closes morphing between moments of classic British distorted pop, and baggy shorts and baseball cap’d American FM RAWK!, echoing My Chems (in my head, I’m giving that a hard CH), Rival Schools, and then on the flip side, a sort of melange of Biffy and Graham Coxon, for some reason. It’s all a bit great, this record will be in my Top 10 in December, without a doubt, and if you don’t like it, there’s something wrong with your ears.

Fuck it, here’s the whole damn thing. Enjoy!


One Comment on “Dananananaykroyd – There Is A Way”

  1. Daniel says:

    Nice review, would have to agree totally. Wonder what factor sun lotion they packed?!

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